Being Wise Gets Nobel Prize's image
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Nobel Prize

Is a noble praise,

Toil is the price,

It needs enterprise,

They will appraise

And then apprise

A pleasant surprise,

Receiver faces Sunrise,

Attracts world's eyes,

Tears it dries,

Stops soul's cries,

Bliss does arise,

Living becomes nice,

Wins he who tries,

For me, it may materialize,

My name, it will immortalize,

Useful ideas, let me mobilize,

Ignore those who criticize,

One day, I will actualize

To prove my brain's size,

I may appear to be unwise,

Having a goal is not a vice,

Before me unknown future lies,

But, will is the best device,

Problems won't vanish like ice,

Hard-work never at all dies,

Give no room for cowardice,

In my mind, I visualize

My goal which I will realize,

My words aren't lies,

My work, I will supervise,

My mental stature, I will raise,

Thoughts my mind buys,

By looking at the Skies,

No question of compromise,

God alone plays the dice,

He will help in disguise,

God knows how to neutralize,

I am not after Rupee and Paise,

My mind, delay can't demoralize,

I will bring among souls proper ties!

M V Venkataraman

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