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Give a definite deadline,

Your life, you streamline,

Undergo self-imposed fine,

Prayer keeps you ever fine.

Aptly plan proper reformation,

By making the needed correction,

Proceed in life with the conviction,

Over bad habits suffering eviction.

Prepare wisely a clearly made chart,

Mentioning habits that must depart,

Will-power must play a very vital part,

Do this soon as life is very very short.

Bad-habit is an iron-shirt,

Wearing it will surely hurt,

Avert it by being damn alert,

Your mind you usefully divert.

Any act beyond moderation,

Will surely give botheration,

Make a careful operation,

By exercising real caution.

One by one, you massacre,

Bad habits via maneuver,

If you properly persevere,

They will soon leave dear.

Side-effects may even come,

Making your life dull and numb,

Keep mind under your thumb,

Pray to God without being dumb.

In habits, be always choosy,

They can't make you feel lousy,

Prove clearly your supremacy,

Chase not habits by being crazy.

Good habits are hard to cultivate,

Bad habits are hard to eliminate,

You must know how to discriminate,

Or else your life will face stalemate.

Prayer is the best habit,

It will make you feel fit,

With faith, please chant it,

God will power your wit!

M V Venkataraman

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