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Never cultivate a bad habit in life,

As that may become an addiction,

Once it sticks with us with firmness,

Removing it will be a tough issue


We may foolishly do it sadly again,

And that may cause a very bad loss,

We may be affected in many ways,

That may make us a slave for all.


We must get rid of that habit soon,

By taking various preventive steps,

We must not be under its thumb,

We must come out of its bad grip.


We mustn't develop another habit,

To compensate the leaving of this,

As that is absolutely ridiculous,

And we may have two bad habits.


Nothing is impossible to a man,

As he is one step only below God,

In case he with will firmly resist,

He can win over any bad habit.


Man's will power and fighting spirit,

Will make him achieve real wonders,

He must have to make a wise decision

If he is strong and solid, he surely wins.


M V Venkataraman

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