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Arrest Success by Doing the Best with Interest

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 22, 2023
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Show a genuine interest,

Contribute your level best,

Idle not time in useless rest,

Success then faces arrest.

Waste not time,

It is a real crime,

If success you aim,

Toil and then claim.

In your favor, success will vote,

If you truly and sincerely devote,

All your efforts, Almighty will note,

At the right time, He does promote.

To succeed in any business,

Do away with useless laziness,

Work very hard with firmness,

Wait patiently with calmness.

For victory, make a strong chase,

Nonstop during all your living days,

You will surely win in the life-race,

By capturing the very first place.

Pressure makes coal a diamond,

If you have pressure every second,

Be not rigid, but learn to finely bend,

A way to win, you will find to defend.

Problems must be attacked,

Fear must be firmly sacked,

Any nut can be surely cracked,

If mighty God also has backed.

Tackle life with great cheer,

Let God-faith be crystal clear,

Then, in the absence of any fear,

Success will wipe off every tear.

O- Man- Please stop procrastination,

Start to march toward your destination,

If you possess strongly the inclination,

You can achieve through determination.

M V Venkataraman

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