An Analysis to Make Life an Oasis's image
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Don't have any sadness,

Put an end to meanness,

Respect God, the highness,

Let soul be full of holiness.

Living duration, sadness cuts short,

As it weakens your powerful heart,

Play with great wisdom your part,

Making decisions is only God's art.

Nothing at all is definitely in your hands,

This fact, if your mind wisely understands,

"You as a fool" ignorance never brands,

Be always flexible like the rubber bands.

Keep yourself in a fine condition,

Allow not in your ideas pollution,

Let your decision and estimation

Often enjoy continued revision.

A life without goal is pathetic,

Toward that life, be sympathetic,

Lead a simple life that is ascetic,

To be peaceful, enough is an attic.

Anyone can cause serious damage

To your mind if you badly manage,

Let thinking never be like garbage,

If garbage, life becomes a drainage.

People will be always peevish,

Their tendency is to be selfish,

They treat diamonds as rubbish,

They give stones sincere polish.

They act not according to their talk,

Away from the right path, they walk,

Pray to God for each such poor folk,

They miss heaven as their sins balk.

Injustice, people will easily commit,

To do which, their heart will permit,

If you behave like a sacred hermit,

Bull's eye, you can so perfectly hit.

You depend upon the society,

Whose act will cause anxiety,

Have not animosity or enmity,

Pray to God and do your duty.

Do anything with certainty,

Fight against acute poverty,

Maintain mind's serenity,

Do your job with dignity.

Try to be always a one-man army,

Positive attitude is indeed balmy,

World's problem is due to tummy,

God protects when life is stormy.

M V Venkataraman

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