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A bad habit, try to resist,

Let your will-power assist,

By being an optimist, resist,

Knock it away from the list.

Bad habits are easy to acquire,

They will follow you up to the pyre,

To eliminate them what you require,

Is nothing but a rectifying desire.

Moderation is a method of prevention,

Prayer leads to Divine intervention,

There are many bad habits to mention,

They require very serious attention.

Some spoil us severely physically,

Some are dangerous psychically,

Some need treatment medically,

All must be given up methodically.

Before reforming is out of reach,

Make to yourself a self-speech,

Habits stick to you like a leech,

In morals, they bring a breach.

Good-habits are hard to form,

But, they help face life's storm,

Bad habits do maximum harm,

They take out of life the charm.

Bad habit will terribly entice,

By making you do them thrice,

There the worst danger lies,

They follow till the body dies.

Smoking, drinking, gambling and womanizing,

Will ultimately end only in deeply agonizing,

Events due to them will be cruelly demoralizing,

As for immorality, God will be angrily penalizing.

Bad habits are too many,

They invariably bring agony,

To escape from their tyranny,

Kill them when they are tiny.

Let the Lord be your companion,

Form with good habits a union,

Have in life an optimistic opinion,

The world can be made utopian.

M V Venkataraman

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