All Setbacks Die if Hope Backs's image
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Let me give you a valuable tip,

Always think of the next step,

Past is beyond your control,

Worrying spoils your goal.

Don't waste your precious time,

Proper time-spending be your aim,

Life will never at all come back,

So utilize this life with great knack.

Getting defeated is normal,

Simply it teaches a fine moral,

More efforts alone are needed,

Nothing needs to be dreaded.

Though success is very lovely,

And makes life indeed lively,

Success doesn't come always,

We may make an empty chase.

When you meet a defeat,

As a lesson, learn to treat,

Rose is wonderfully born,

Along with a pricking thorn.

When you plan a fine project,

Negative ideas, you must reject,

Hopefully when you go forward,

Your steps are by success heard.

Aim at the holy Sun,

Moon, you may win,

When your goal is high,

You attract God's eye.

While traveling on the life-road,

Your hope mustn't at all corrode,

On and often you must check,

Mental wounds, prayers will lick.

When darkness bothers,

Moon and stars, Sky gathers,

Live like the hopeful Sky,

Again and again wisely try.

Your efforts are by God noted,

By Him, all hurdles are uprooted,

Praying is your incumbent duty,

It takes care of the mind's beauty.

M V Venkataraman

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