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Affection of God Gives Protection

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 27, 2023
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There is a serious debate,

Whether God exists or not,

When God is earnestly sought,

His presence, He will indicate.

Prayer, let your plan include,

Always plan to pray deeply first,

Then, get guts to face the worst,

By praying, the day, you conclude.

Prayer gives your soul,

A perfectly holy bath,

And guides your path,

On your way to goal.

Praying is a noble habit,

Prayer gives mind peace,

If defeats come to tease,

Prayer keeps you fully fit.

By being purely religious,

You are able to just defend,

Yourself with a sound mind,

It makes you a real genius.

Mind gets a positive turn,

Before God when you pray,

When you utter a holy lay,

Sins burn, peace you earn.

Mind must be checked,

To test its orderliness,

If it is full of Godliness,

Evils get fatally kicked.

Prayer touches God's ears,

And makes Him your guard,

If you pray, is pleased God,

Cheers stop fears and tears.

God's power is unique,

Prayer provides a way,

It blocks falling prey,

Let heart pray and tick.

God protects this Universe,

You form just a small peck,

To have pluck and also luck,

Chant calmly a prayer-verse.

M V Venkataraman

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