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You fool, stop fearing,

Let anything happen,

Why are you worried?

Sleep on God's laps.

Past is unchangeable,

Present is a present,

Utilize it prudently,

Glory reaches you.

Take all possible steps,

There will be a loophole,

In each problem that comes,

Find it, hit it to grandly win.

You are God's unique product,

Your merits and also demerits,

You acquire only by your habits,

Bad habits are in fact iron shirts.

World contains so many creatures,

All arrive here only because of love,

Man alone craves for huge wealth,

Other creatures face life very calmly.

In being noble, be always adamant,

Never at all lose sacred courage,

Work hard leaving results to God,

God will never be cunning at all.

Life is like a gloomy desert,

We search in it for cool oasis,

By some people, desert is left,

They aim for a better place.

Some prefer to just stay,

And try their luck via toil,

They may or mayn't win,

We must pat their bravery.

Observe others' sufferings,

Yours will appear to be petty,

Help others overcome hurdles,

That fetches you what you need.

You needn't at all trust anyone,

If you believe in the Unknown,

Human-birth is the highest of all,

Bring in living some meaning!

M V Venkataraman

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