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Administer and Master Life by Avoiding Disaster

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 22, 2023
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Life is to very shrewdly enjoy,

For which, hope you employ,

When worry comes to annoy,

Attack it strongly by using joy.

Please have not any concern,

Bury worry firmly and return,

In holding hope, be damn stern,

Anything, work hard and earn.

Life is of course a very brief stay,

Celebrate it ever in a jubilant way,

Let bliss grow steadily everyday,

To get peace of mind, to God pray.

Whenever troubles arise,

Prayers give a fine surprise,

Allow confidence-Sun to rise,

You will face peace until demise.

Put fullest trust in the Almighty,

And continue to perform your duty,

God will take care of each adversity,

To shower on you enough prosperity.

In selection of goals, be extra wise,

Here, never go for any compromise,

Postponing is the worst kind of vice,

Shun laziness though it will entice.

On the right path, always walk,

About noble matters, always talk,

Get up early in the morn like a cock,

Then, your life, defeats can't mock.

Forget yesterday, think not of tomorrow,

This is the best way to avoid sorrow,

Have views that are broad, not narrow,

Will hit success, your ambition-arrow.

Smile in the face is an armor,

Hate in the mind is a bad tumor,

Always have faith in the former,

Defeat being defeated is a humor.

Toward God show deep love,

He will protect you from above,

Don't delay, please do it now,

Success will then come to bow.

M V Venkataraman

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