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Love the job you do,

Ignoring the outcome,

Do it more and more,

Derive peace from toil.

Hate to remain lethargic,

Waste not a single second,

Time is highly invaluable,

Utilize time very prudently.

You are liable to end,

But, great God is eternal,

So pray to that holy God,

For everyone's welfare.

Learn from the mighty Sun,

The beauty in doing duty,

From the cool-minded Moon,

The way to develop hoping.

When the world is gloomy,

Like the stars, be with it,

If it is absolutely possible,

Like the Sun, end darkness.

Keep the mind calm and cool,

They, your soul gets peace,

Keep your heart always kind,

You will be by all then adored.

God's presence, don't question,

Do not any harm to any being,

Fill your heart with holy mercy,

You can feel God's existence.

Always think of helping others,

You will surely get divine bliss,

When duty goes up, grudge not,

God will offer you His support.

When troubles arise, run away not,

Stand firmly to courageously face,

Your guts, troubles won't withstand,

If you decide to attack them firmly.

Plan properly your life-time,

Execute your work perfectly,

Allow never any deviation,

Your victory will be certain!

M V Venkataraman

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