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Action of Recollection for Hope's Collection

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 12, 2023
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Thoughts don't now surge,

Have I lost the inner urge

To perform noble thinking?

Why is my mind blinking?

Living isn't interesting,

And so I am lazily rusting,

Soon I must bring a change,

This new lethargy is strange.

I must pursue a worthy goal,

Into it put my heart and soul,

Then, there will be a purpose,

This act, a shrewd man does.

Goalless life is surely insipid,

This foolish act I wrongly did,

Now I have totally realized,

My vast energy is mobilized.

For a long time, I did sleep,

No ambition, I did keep,

I now with remorse regret,

Lost time, how can I get?

My mind is feeling bitter,

it is put inside a shutter,

Let me open that cage,

To release a great sage.

Let me live confidently,

Become massive mentally,

My mind, nothing can pollute,

My morale, nothing can loot.

Fear, anger and frustration,

Used to dominate my emotion,

That sorrowful period is over,

Prayer has done a great favor.

I deeply love to live,

And I live to also love,

Enthusiasm is bubbling,

My bliss is doubling.

For my soul's deep satisfaction,

I am chasing my noble mission,

No harm even if I badly lose,

For world's sake, let me muse!

M V Venkataraman

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