Ability Assures Possibility's image
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Attempt by hoping,

Enjoy by reaping,

Winning by duping,

Ends peace-keeping.

By being straightforward,

Always aim to go forward,

Take wise men's word,

Success will be offered.

If duty is scrupulously followed,

Then, human heart gets hallowed,

Duty is never an unwanted load,

It shows heaven-gaining mode.

This life is a miraculous wonder,

Not enjoying it is a real blunder,

Defeats may sound like thunder,

Boldness makes them surrender.

Life soon runs and vanishes,

Before that realize your wishes,

He who checks his blemishes,

Has bliss that never diminishes.

Forget the past,

Before time is lost,

Act very fast,

Scope is so vast.

Shed not tears,

But molt fears,

If a problem nears,

Face it with cheers.

God isn't at all visible,

He who is damn sensible,

Feels faith is reasonable,

Such a faith is highly noble.

Love gives proper lubrication,

For a smooth heart-operation,

If mind also offers cooperation,

Life won't have any botheration.

With love pray to any deity,

Honestly perform your duty,

Think wisely with clarity,

Pursue a useful activity!

M V Venkataraman

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