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Always do your level best,

While doing, be honest,

Break not the trust,

Don't too much rest

To make your body rust,

To world, each is a guest,

Love them please I request,

With the world, wisely adjust,

Do by being always just,

Have love, never at all lust,

Each defeat is an acid test,

Even if you suffer the worst,

Don't angrily show your fist,

Let good habits be in your list,

To live, have zeal and zest,

Like the Sun from east to west,

Everything bad, you firmly arrest,

Let mercy be in your breast

And boldly keep your chest,

Be a breeze, be not a gust,

Do to defeats, an inquest,

Show only genuine interest,

Make sorrows vanish like mist,

Prayer takes care of worry-pest,

So, in prayer, with hope, invest,

Then, nothing bad will then infest,

Have with God a sacred tryst

He will make your home a nest!

M V Venkataraman

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