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A way is definitely provided,

If, with will, a thing is decided,

If one's emotions get not collided,

Uncertainty in life gets subsided.

Show your heart, not the gun,

"Peace for all" is the best slogan,

If fear attacks you like a dragon,

Being bold makes you a paragon.

Never at all get demoralized,

By a person who is uncivilized,

If positive thoughts are mobilized,

Happiness in life can be realized.

Love all those who live around,

By keeping mind strong and sound,

By love alone, all beings are bound,

Remember that the world is round.

Getting anger spoils mood,

Besides poisoning food,

So be not to anyone rude,

Let kindness be continued.

In life, do happily your portion,

By keeping a healthy emotion,

Pray for soul's total reparation,

Include God in your preparation.

Concentrate to achieve maximum benefits,

He invariably fails who miserably ever sits,

Shrewdly make out of losses huge profits,

Choose only that goal which perfectly fits.

Hide wisely your fears and tears,

Smile nicely when trouble nears,

Close mouth and open your ears,

Open heart-door inviting cheers.

Pursue Justice while living,

Spend time by ever praying,

Enlighten all by always giving,

Delight all via peace-spraying.

Pray to God faithfully,

Lead a honest life truly,

Take efforts sincerely,

Love all affectionately!

M V Venkataraman

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