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A Leader Works Harder by Following Order

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 20, 2023
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When your progress is slowed down,

How can you wear the golden crown?

In fact, you will surely become a clown,

At you, the whole world will only frown.

In ambition if there is a deviation,

Destruction is the only implication,

If goal-pursuit enjoys continuation,

Life reaches your fixed destination.

Don't at any time lethargically stay,

Your plan to relax, firmly drive away,

Obey onerous efforts to find a way,

Postpone not, but do anything today.

Tie yourself by good habits chain,

Let your life be devoid of stain,

Repeat efforts again and again,

For every pain you will surely gain.

When you take a new venture,

World will pass a bitter stricture,

Don't change your plan's structure,

Success will arrive to enrapture.

When your attempts are serious,

Your acts will prove to be glorious,

But, when your efforts are spurious,

God and success become furious.

Think not of always reward,

Do your duty however hard,

God will make a clean record,

To issue glory, He will accord.

Thoroughly practice without lethargy,

Hopefully spend your whole energy,

Very carefully coin a winning strategy,

Success favors a positive psychology.

Dark-night enjoys stars' decoration,

Let not defeat give you exasperation,

Everyone has a right for aspiration,

Need is inspiration and perspiration.

Before God hopefully kneel,

Then, plunge into the deal,

Do your duty with great zeal,

Glory comes with God's seal.

M V Venkataraman

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