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First friend may be born if the mother delivers twins, but that is in a way unusual. A fetus acts as its own friend for ten months and completes the duration through self-support though mother also takes care of it in all the ways.

Doctor is a friend if he makes a safe delivery for mother and baby. A brother or sister is supposed to be nature's natural friend. As the baby grows, it develops an attitude to play with fellow children without inhibitions by accepting them as friends.

It joins a school to have friendship in a disciplined environment and it learns the benefits of friendship in a better way to get joy and satisfaction in life.

Then, it joins a college with a better maturity and could discuss important issues in every matter of life with friends so that it also gains tips to tackle its own problems in studies as well as in personal life.

Finally, one gets a job to associate with colleagues, subordinates and superiors to form different levels of relationships even though being friendly is the primary need.

Gradually the circle of friends narrows down and only some deeply connected people come in life to participate in good and bad events with kindness.

Marriage brings a friend in the form of spouse and family gains importance, but the connection with some close friends continues.

Once all the friends start to get problems in various ways, time is spent by them in facing their problem and all approach a friend mainly for monetary needs and true friendship takes the back-seat.

At last friends come only when news of one's death is received by cherishing old kind thoughts and one gets that Almighty as his final friend.

In a gist, friendship must have limits to put an end to problems so that none lands in the net of law and nothing immoral is acquired to become an addiction.

True friendship is in a way a rare gift which if one gets, one is surely blessed!

M V Venkataraman

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