Tribute to Mother's image
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My mother, when she was barely 62 years of age, fell sick and was visited by her brother and her nephew as they both were doctors. After a while, she declared her wish, not to hospitalise her, if her health deteriorates. Just a few minutes after she uttered these words, she suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed. At the same time a lady from neighbour came to enquire about some medicine from her. However upon observing the situation left without uttering a word.

We all brothers and sisters are now quite old with all of us having crossed 75 years of age. Despite our advanced age, we all are enjoying good health, maintaining healthy life and energy and managing our routine without having any major medication. For all these benefits our sincere thanks go to our mother as she has bestowed upon us a legacy of good health. That is the most valuable gift in our life which we cannot forget. Not only us, but the knowledge she had shared is benefitting all our relatives and near and dear ones.

My mother was not educated, barely studied up to fourth grade in vernacular school. She got married at a very young age and spent most of her life raising her children, all of us.

She was famous among friends and relatives for her simplicity, innocence and helping nature. She did not know variety of cuisine but whatever she cooked was very delicious and the entire family enjoyed it.

Those days there were no TV or cell phone and in our house we did not have facility of radio or cell phone. But because of her advanced thinking and innovative nature to progress she learnt Ayurvedic medicine and Naturopathy just by reading newspapers and she made thorough use of a knowledge by making and distributing medicine.

She would personally go to the market to purchase the herbs clean it with water and make it dry in sunlight and then make the medicine by pounding it. During those days there were no electrical mixer so she would pound the herbs and prepare the medicine. Her expertise was in the physical and mental growth of newborn, dental problem, stomach ache, constipation issue and also curing cough cold and fever.

These medicines were purchased by neighbours, friends and relatives and as they were benefitted, they started recommending to other people.That made her so famous that her medicine was sold out of town.

In those days Mumbai was attacked by the flu virus for the first time and almost everyone was a victim of this virus.Thanks to her treatment, our entire house was saved by this attack. Whenever we fell sick, she would treat us and the recovery was so fast and safe that after our sickness everyone would observe that there were no leftover traces of sickness.

By following her medication and naturopathy treatment we were immensely benefitted and started taking interest to enhance our knowledge and share our knowledge with near and dear ones.

They were immensely benefitted. One real example for the same is, one of my friend was getting hospitalised for her various ailments. My sister suggested one effective Ayurvedic medicine. Her hospital visits and expenses were reduced immensely.

This is the short history of our mother's lovely life, who has bestowed us with the most precious gift of good health through her passion, knowledge and legacy.

All her children salute her and her traits of keeping healthy.

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