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What happened on Delhi's street on the 16th of December 2012 is a total shame for humanity. Even a stone heart will melt hearing this incident. I was drawn to write the following.

16th December 2012

Two distorted souls were thrown on a deserted Dehli street,

To crumble and meet their fate And nobody to treat.

The act was so cruel and a shame of humanity,

It was nothing less

than the height of brutality.

The night crept and appeared with utter pain and fright,

Hoping somebody will take the trouble, to show them respite.

Witnessing the barbaric act

God shed tears and so did the skies,

But people turned a deaf ear to the moans and the cries.

Not many, but a passing person gave at least one glance,

Could have given the victim a possible survival chance.

Now the family's aspirations, dreams and life have been shattered,

For those who crave sadistic pleasure, these aspects do not matter.

As they were having fun and rejoicing in their house,

Forgetting the fact that they too have mother, sister and spouse.

Flowers will be offered and a candle lit at the door,

But the memory will linger For ever and for more.

This is a dreaded disease and 'Death Sentence' is the cure,

If fair judgement is delivered peace shall prevail for sure.

The departed soul left a message A million dollar worth,

To deliver and execute and bring heaven onto the earth.

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