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This Poem Will Provoke You

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This poem is not a Hindu.

This poem is eager to offend. 

This poem is shallow and distorted. 

This poem is a non-serious representation of Hinduism.

This poem is a haphazard presentation. 

This poem is riddled. 

This poem is a heresy. 

This poem is a factual inaccuracy. 

This poem has missionary zeal. 

This poem has a hidden agenda.

This poem denigrates Hindus.

This poem shows them in poor light. 

This poem concentrates on the negative aspects of Hinduism. 

This poem concentrates on the evil practices of Hinduism. 

This poem asserts its moral right to use objectionable words for Gods.

This poem celebrates Krishna's freedom to perch on a naked woman.

This poem flames with the fires of a woman hungry of sex. 

This poem supplies sexual connotations.

This poem puts the phallus back into the picture.

This poem makes the shiva lingam the male sexual organ.

This poem does not make the above-mentioned organ erect. 

This poem prides itself in its perverse mindset.

This poem shows malice to Hinduism for Untouchability and misogyny.

This poem declares the absence of a Hindu canon.

This poem declares itself the Hindu canon.

This poem follows the monkey. 

This poem worships the horse.

This poem supersedes the Vedas and the supreme scriptures.

This poem does not culture the jungle.

This poem jungles the culture.

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