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The Fight for Visibility II - Kimberly L Session

LGBTQ | Pride MonthLGBTQ | Pride Month June 7, 2022
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Today, in Bisexuality-"Pick a sided!"

Why should we? We have the right to-

"Shut up!"


Today, in Bisexuality-"Men can't be Bisexual!"

Yes, they can be, and-



Today, in Bisexuality- "Top 17 List of Gay Celebs!"

Bisexual Celebs have been listed as gay or lesbian. If you could, please-

"We said what we said!"


Today, in Bisexuality- "**** gay marriage! You, people, are gross!"

Then, avert your eyes. And, it's called same-*** marriage for a reason. I'm Bisexual and when you don't acknowledge that you erase-



Today, in Bisexuality- "Y'all say Y'all like girls, but always marry men. It's so stupid!"

Did you ever stop to think it's because Queer women isolate and shun us? Did you ever stop to think most of us are fearful of coming out because we have to deal with Biphobia and always defending-

"******* *****!"


Today, in Bisexuality- "Bisexuality isn't real!"

But, but, but, it's called LGBTQ because the B stands for-

"You are just confused and experimenting!"

But, I'm the B in LGBTQ and-

"Go **** yourself!"



I feel the cold. I'm forced in the void.

We don't have a voice. We are being destroyed.

Abused. Battered. Shunned. Lost.

You ignore our needs, and our lives are the cost.

No funding. No help. No representation.

We are the ******* children of a silent nation.

We ask for help and organizations wait for our week.

We aren't asking for much. It's Visibility we seek.

Using your voice is free. Make noise on your platform every day and night.

We aren't going away. For Visibility, we fight!

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