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We both saw a flurry of lilac

Maybe same day, wildly different feelings

in our hearts

We both wrote poems about

Jacaranda Trees, I named mine Jacaranda wild

You named yours every


I felt


in the sleepy bedroom town

all green, all home, wholly my own

where maybe

I first bloomed

We both wrote poems about

Jacaranda Trees and you dialed

and it rung

"Habibi", you would say softly

"I wrote a poem". I want to hear it

And its every softness of my childhood

I can see your emerald eyes

Seeing what I'm seeing

heart beating, feeling it all


We share dreams in verses

you weave the revolution

cryptically into my heartstrings

you tell me in poetry

you tell me sweetthings

"Ya Sattar, thats wonderful,

Ca n I hear it?"

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