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shower water trickles

reassuringly through the roots

of my hair, i have an agenda.

well in my heart there is an alter

never empty; i go


pray there

my body is sacred, never falters,

accepts with joy, the warmth of water

the depth of my heart

there is an alter, i am glowing

i’ve come to pray here

i decorate my body in flowers

and lace

gentle, i am softer

than i ever knew

i warm up and all the sternness

makes me feel silly

i know i’m playful

i laugh at myself and use words like

pretty, dreamy, forgiving

           creative, giving, fair, determined

hold them to my skin

   i am a goddess to be placated

where the lightness of the rain

on my skin

and mirth in sparkling laughter

  make me less serious

more urgent

in the love; torrents on my body

in Myself I am at My Altar

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