LGBT (Slam Poem #2) / Connor's image
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You may have never heard of this acronym before,

Or maybe you associate it with liberals, or Obama,

Or hippies.

LGBT stands for:


I was approached by a straight man

At a gay bar, who asked me if

I wanted to 'have a good time'.

I told him no.

I could see something in his eyes

Flicker, and he asked me why

I told him I only liked women

In that regard

He stood up angrily,

And told me that I was an

Ugly dke anyway.

LGBT stands for


I was holding hands with

My boyfriend while

We were walking in the park.

We watched an older woman

Walk up to us and say,

"You're going to hell."

I said, "I'll see you there,"

She glared at me before

Storming off in a rage,

mumbling, "Disgusting fg."

On her way.

LGBT stands for


I came out to my family today.

My cousin said,

"You're just confused."

My father said,

"Don't you dare walk in

My house with a f*ggot."

My mother said,

"Pick a side."

My supposed "friends" said,

"You're just desperate and greedy."

I've been dating an amazing person

That I can never share if I want to

Stay on good terms with "family".

LGBT stands for


I binded my chest today

With Ace bandages even though

I know it's extremely unsafe

Because I didn't want to be

Seen as a girl again.

I finally cut my own hair

And when I told my mom why

She told me,

"Leave before your father gets home."

I am sleeping on my friend's couch tonight

Because my parents couldn't accept me

As their son.

You might associate the acronym LGBT

With liberals.

Liberals that don't use their religion as an

Excuse when they're really just scared.

Or Obama who said, "No one in America

Should be scared to walk down the street

Holding the hand of the person they love."

Or hippies who refuse to conform to

Heteronormativity, because it only matters

That you love, the who or when or where or why or


Doesn't matter nearly as much.

People are more than their secondary ***


"Love thy neighbor as thyself", right?

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