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You summarize our conversations

in witty poems bursting with


  on loving one another;

I did not know that

I set people free, just by loving myself

"I did not know that

I hold people the way

the universe holds me; unconditionally"

I didn't know that I was

powerful enough to spark

In others the love they have

For themselves-in effect

powerful enough to set them free

just one touch

on coming out to ourselves;

She didn't pay me enough attention for me to maintain

Any level of heteronormativity

I no longer wanted to maintain

That she was gay and

I was not

On quality time alone;

well the house is getting warmer

i think ill take a shower

We don't think of other people

in the shower.

if that isn't your alone time,

when is?

how can you bring someone else

who isn't even there

into the shower with you??

i hear the water getting louder

i hear it getting louder

In the shower, I daydream

about myself.

Sudden sets of hours

Water, lavender, laughter

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