Asexual Pride - Kaiden A Ward's image
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There is a disconnect between my body and my mind.

At least, that's what I tell people.

Because I find it easier to admit

that I am broken

than to open myself to their ridicule

as I try to explain asexuality

one more time.

It's hard, to describe an absence

of something you've never felt

to those for whom it defines their existence.

I don't understand their resistence,

logic dictates that just because one thing is true,

that doesn't eliminate the validity

of it's reflection.

It has become this society's obession

to portray us only as a lie, a

sickness you are lucky not to be infected with.

Though I am still struggling to find my voice

and understand my own mind,

I am sure of one thing:

I am not BrOkEn.

And if you are like me, please,

don't let your pride be stolen,

because neither are you...

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