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In our democracy, let's make no bones

Kishore AsthanaKishore Asthana June 16, 2020
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In our democracy, let's make no bones
The poor are pawns, in the game of thrones
The winners ignore and the losers try
To en-cash their every moan and cry

Helplessly they stand, watching the game
Hoping that the Shameless will feel some shame
In decades past, as we can see
A vain hope that's proved to be

Those calling for revolution have lost their way
They have nothing much left to say
Their angst burns them more and more
While the poor watch, uncertain, unsure

The status quo-ists, on the other side
Are resplendent in their power and pride
Planning how to entice the lambs again
How to make them forget their ball & chain

Can it change, can the Phoenix arise?
Can fate offer the poor a pleasant surprise?
Can there be a leader worthy of the name?
Or will everything continue to be the same?

Remember this message that I want to send
The pawn can be a queen, at the end
If you love your land and your people too
Keep in mind that it's up to YOU

We failed you and now it is clear
That if you hold your future dear
You have to realize that it's YOUR fight

May you be blessed, may you succeed
May you be the stars of your breed
May you stand above the crowd
May you do our India proud

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