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Without a Title - Rami A (UAE)

KavishalaKavishala June 16, 2020
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I’m so madly in love,

I don’t even know what to write

I’m also heartbroken

Since what’s in my heart, isn’t right

It’s wrong

It should be a sin

How am I going to tell this tale?

Where do I begin?

I met this girl

With grace pumping from her heart

Her smile, her smell, her eyes

And that’s just the start

The way she walks

Like a natural dance

All those supermodels

Don’t stand a chance

The way she talks

Knocks me off my feet

That adorable voice

How can it be so sweet?

Skin so smooth when touched

Feels like gorgeous silk

She must be like Cleopatra

And bathes in warm milk

But this fairy tale

Has a sad ending

Must snap back to reality

Must stop pretending

Maybe I can change her mind

What if I can?

Since her heart is already taken

By another man

The way she speaks of him

The way he fills her dreams

How can I be so cruel

And turn laughter into screams

How can I do that?

And hurt my sweetest flower

I would rather die a thousand times

Than meet that miserable hour

Why am I cursed?

With this lost emotion

Is there a solution,

A cure or potion?

Above poem written by international poet Rami A.

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