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While yes, I have a résumé

It does no justice describing mé

So I'll leave this here for all to see

All I ask is please hire me

I'm great with sales

and communication

I can create tales

with no hesitation

Been fixing PCs since '99

Right after I broke all of mine

I don't do drugs

I don't cause fights

I won't give shrugs

to new insights

I can Photoshop best selling ads

and tell corny jokes just like most dads

I write HTML

and CSS

I can kinda spell

At least try my best

Started my first business in 5th grade

Profiting from the paper airplane trade

I'm a fast learner,

a problem solver,

a trust earner,

an idea causer,

a spreadsheet slayer,

a real team player

While I'm no photography guru

I've actually had a paid gig or two

Dove into video editing

way back when MySpace was a thing

Oh yeah. Plus I'm proficient with Microsoft Office.

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