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Men’s Mental Health Matters / Poetry

KavishalaKavishala November 20, 2022
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Can’t speak.

Emotions tangled.

In secret, they weep.

Ashamed to show.

Not wanting to cry.

As the percentage of

suicide in Men continues

to rise.

“But you are strong”

“Head of the family”

They won’t understand

Not seeing real feelings

behind a broken man.

Time to take a moment.

Time to take a step back.

Why is that the go-to response?

Why is that the way to react?

Remember to let the men in your life


How they feel is okay.

Even if they don’t think so.

Don’t keep it locked away.

Less “Man up”

More “Speak out!”

Let’s start a conversation.

Give this taboo subject a voice,

something to shout about.

You shouldn’t have to stay silent.

It’s never best if you do.

However hard you think it might be.

You do what’s right for you.

Ready to listen when you are.

Offer help & support when you can.

Showing that struggling with Men’s mental health is happening everywhere, to anyone & can be just as tough for a man.


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