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Rashmi Rocket: The Story of an Indian Female Athlete

Kavishala ReviewsKavishala Reviews October 17, 2021
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“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

-         Nelson Mandela

Film Director : Akarsh Khurana

Film Cast : Taapsee Pannu, Priyanshu Painuli, Abhishek Banerjee, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurana, Manoj Joshi, Chirag Bora, Varun Badola, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Shweta Tripathi.

Movie Time : 02:09

Movie Platform : zee5

Review on this movie :-

The story of this film is good. A serious issue like a 'gender test' has been raised. In which players are disqualified in a wrong way in the name of rules in India. But in many countries this rule is being told wrong. There are some scenes in the film which have nothing to do with reality. Like the earthquake that happened in Bhuj many years ago in real life, it was used to cause the death of the father by showing it in the film. But nothing happened to Rashmi running in the same field, it did not feel real. All the actors performed well but their acting seemed less strong in the process of taking the story forward on a fast pace. In the 'mine scene' in which everyone runs. And Rashmi reaches faster to that person from everyone else, and saves that person. And, Then the mine explodes and a cloud of dust rises.

After clearing the dust, we see Rashmi and another person standing. Laughing and cleaning the dust from their clothes as if nothing has happened. Whereas a real mine explosion causes a loud explosion, humans either die or fall away to a large distance and get seriously injured. But nothing happened to them.

Also, the movie gives a very good message that inspires parents to educate girls and be supportive.

Storyline of the movie :-

On the night of 5 October 2014, Two cops visit a girl's hostel. And, stated that "there has been a complaint that a boy has entered here", And went straight to a room and knock on the door. That room was of Rashmi Veera (heroine). She asks the cops "Who are you?", But the cops 'slap her', make her sit in their jeep to take her to the police station at night without any female cops. That's when the story reaches Bhuj, 14 years back. In which it is shown that Rashmi's parents are flying kite and mother asks little Rashmi to wear frock. But she wants to wear jeans, then the father says "wear what you are like to wear". On this mother says to the father that "she is a girl, please keep some restrictions as per the society rules". but, rashmi's father leaves her free to do anything, saying "Listen to your heart". Little Rashmi makes both the parents happy by wearing jeans under the frock. Then the kite got cut off. Father asks Rashmi "My rocket! Go and bring the kite back" and The rest of the boys who run to catch the cut kite are left behind by Rashmi and Rashmi gets the kite. Now little Rashmi grows up in the tussle of these parents and becomes a track guide in Bhuj. Mother encourages the women of the village in studies, business and self-confidence. In which Rashmi also supports her.

Ejaz Qureshi is a senior army officer who considers Rashmi as a daughter. When Rashmi goes to meet him, he joins her with Captain Gagan (Hero). Tells him that "He has come here with his comrades to train for the marathon, so you take him to the track line to explore". This is how the captain, his two companions and Rashmi tour. One of Gagan's friends is about to go to the mine by mistake, he is wearing headphones. So they all run to save him, but Rashmi saves him by running faster than everyone else. Gagan got impressed and asks her to become an athelete. But she refuses. Ejaz Qureshi tells Gagan that "she is our rocket, in her childhood she used to run the fastest, and now she runs from it". Gagan tells Rashmi's mother to make her participate in the upcoming race competition. So she puts pressure on Rashmi. Then Rashmi tells Gagan that "I do not want to run because, when I was young, I was participating in a race competition, then there an earthquake hit in Bhuj. And her father was in the same stadium and while saving others, he himself died in the rubble. Which scares me that what if anything else wrong happens again". But Gagan encourages her and she agrees to participate. Gagan becomes her coach. Gradually Rashmi wins many races and, becomes famous as "Rashmi Rocket".

Then the Athletics Association calls her to run at the national level. There Rashmi along with other girls takes training with rules and discipline. On whose fast running, two girls started bullying her by calling her 'boy'. She learns everything and wins three gold medals for her nation. Her name starts reverberating everywhere. Which both of those girls do not like. One of them happens to be the daughter of an officer of the association.

When she goes back to the hostel after bringing the third medal, a woman asks Rashmi to accompany her. Rashmi asks "Who are you?" So the woman says 'I am from the association' and makes her sit in the car. And takes her straight to a hospital. There she takes a blood test in the name of routine checkup. Calls for getting a full body ultrasound done. 'I am getting this test done of my own free will' gets her to sign on a paper written like this. On repeated refusal of Rashmi, she threatens that, she will report for non-cooperation and all your medals will be taken away. So she was forced to get all the tests done and Signing the paper too. She had to spend 6 hours there. When she reaches the hostel, the rest of the girls are worried for her. But the daughter of the association officer speaks on that "Test proved, you are a boy not a girl!" Hearing this, Rashmi and the girl get into a scuffle. After which the girl threatens rashmi.

Then the story starts from the very day the cops make her sit in the jeep. Gagan reaches the police station there and takes her out. As soon as they leaves the station, the media gathers there and starts asking her "Rashmi ji, are you a girl or a boy?" Rashmi got to know that she has been found to have excessive testosterone (hyperendogenism) in her blood as a result of that 6 hours tests. Which is not found in a girl. The amount of testosterone found in her belongs to boys. This test is called 'gender test' and the International Association has made these rules. From which the association removes Rashmi by disqualifying her. She goes to her home back. The media doesn't leave her alone even there. Just then a lawyer comes at her place and convinces her that she should sue the athletics association. Because, due to such gender tests, the lives of many sportswomen have been ruined. Out of which one or two even committed suicide. But, Rashmi refuses to sue the association. As She was broken from inside. Her mother asks to file the case against the association, but she does not agree and being disappointed, her mother says, "When you started running so fast, we didn't realised when you became a fugitive!" Gagan then proposes her to marriage, and she agrees. Meanwhile, Gagan convinces her to file the case. Then, the Lawyer and Rashmi files the case against the association. In front of the judge, the lawyer presents many evidence-witnesses that due to the high amount of testosterone, the girl's ability does not decrease. Rather, it causes irregular menstruation for them and causes more problems. And the manner in which the policemen had treated Rashmi, they also point to a conspiracy without the female police. It has been 4 months since this case. Just then Rashmi Gagan comes to know that Rashmi is 'going to be a mother', then the lawyer asks her to tell this in the court. To which Rashmi denies that "I am about to become a mother, so it proves that I am a girl and what will happen to the player who does not become a mother?" In this way, after interrogating a lot of evidence, it comes to know that the association officer and his daughter are behind all this. On which the judge decides that the gender test is wrong and she considers Rashmi eligible to run further. And she takes part in running while 4 months pregnant. The association officer is called upon to resign.

This is where the story ends!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

-          Mahatma Gandhi

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