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Poetry is the best way to convey | Threads of Trust - Ankit Mishra [Book Review]

Kavishala ReviewsKavishala Reviews February 6, 2023
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Book: Threads of Trust

Author: Ankit Mishra

About Book: Threads of Trust is a manifestation of an ordinary person's life to discover love, sensuality, separation, and itself. Each poem lingers in the duality of life between the erotic and exotic, the lost and the aware, the breaking and the healing, and the life and the death itself.

These poems will take readers on a subconscious journey where longing often defeats the logic, a paradoxical reality of all living well. These poems will leave the readers with the task of weaving the broken threads of trust.

Perhaps this is what poetry is-a perpetually broken thread.

About Author: Ankit is an IT consultant from India currently Living in USA. He Enjoys writing and reading Poetry and is inspired from the work of Melvana Rumi. He loves to travel and to know about People’s dream and culture wherever he goes. He believes in power of dreams and writes passionately about dreams, love, life and society. He believes that “There is never a wrong time to do a right thing”.

Book Review By Kavishala: Threads of Trust is a book by an IT professional, that itself explains book has a variety of thoughts and topics in form of Poetry. After reading the complete Book We're amazed with this book. Ankit had beautifully penned down so many different emotions in such a profound way. Poems are the best way to convey our feelings. At Kavishala We read a lot of poetry about love, life, and heartbreak. The poems are very lovely and worth reading since we always take away new meaning and life from them when we reread them. We particularly liked how the author presented each poem with just the right amount of transparency to let the reader connect with it without making it overly wordy. Each poem is nicely written and has a strong vocabulary. The book's cadence is just right. Even though it was a quick read, We enjoyed reading each poem. They strike an emotional cord with the reader right there n then. We will highly recommend anyone to read this book, if you enjoy a quality read. This is going to be special book to stay in your collection for years to come. [Goodreads]

Readers Review:

Mahi Aggarwal / from Amazon:

The reason to be in love with poetry books is , it's short , lovable and wordy . This book includes precise short poems. Some of them was so beautiful . It's peaceful. It's naturally loving. You will not want to keep it down. However, I would advise you to read these poems just like you're drinking a glass of wine... slowly! .My mind absorbed those wise words and my heart was rattled with rejuvenated emotions. It's a mind stimulating read.

Some of my favorite like:-


Like a conscious choice

In an unconscious breath

I parted your lips

Neither to feel sensual

Nor to become aware,

But to sail in the ecstasy of death, dreams, and desires

To set the soul free

From the bondage of love!


Between the just and unjust

And the holy and lust is a window

Of anxious awakening

And mutual trust!!

These above two poems are somewhere so connected to me like I believe that the relationship needs more love and trust over anything. Trust is somewhere the base of any relationship

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