Why Read Poetry? Coz it redefines your Soul!'s image
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Why Read Poetry? Coz it redefines your Soul!

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs August 26, 2021
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Have you ever wondered why 70% of writers and poets are wealthy by heart, health, and mind?

Because they achieved the satisfaction of achieving their true passion and freedom to convey and express themselves. But, in recent time most of the youngsters lack reading poems and literature and suffer from pitfalls. What's your mood today?

Why Read Poetry?

Words like pearls in the ocean

Shining in depths

And defining their existence

Once combined together

Brings out costly jewel

To seek your presence

And rejoice your soul;

Working towards unlocking

the minds of a universal scroll.

A poem is an art combining the essence of the beauty of words collaborated together to fabricate visions. It strikes an individual with their wisdom, philosophy, love, and journeys beyond imagination.

Poetry has the ability to create changes and ask questions to our self-being.

However, when you read the pages overwhelmed with poetic words that pour from the writer’s consciousness. Poets in their raw form are connecting to a higher frequency themselves that are not sure where the words spill and spend the fragrance.

The more you dive deep into the poetry, the greater your quest for knowledge awakens. Doorways will open inside your mind and unlock hidden potential for a greater understanding of life. Those who read poetry most often have the ability to connect with the real world with nature.

Howsoever, captivating poetry has more to do when we relate it to our life. This sounds strange but yes like democracy entwines with philosophy, nature connects us to self-being and how the stars in the galaxy radiate at an equilibrium state that ejects their infinite presence in the vicinity of universal laws.

It travels through your significance, reflection, and a powerful ambiance in your mental space.

Let's Enjoy reading Poetry

Young people find poetry a medium that bridges or resonates with their mindset.

The art of poetry comes in many different styles and touches on different types of life scenarios. Some are really heavy on current affairs, politics, or even feminism. Some poems are light and cheeky, funny, and even rhyme. Poetry today, inspires us with beautiful illustrations, photographs, graphics and turn into works of art. This helps to define the purpose of the words and gives the reader a fascinating visual experience.

Poetry is best read when you’re hidden from the outside world, in a quiet little spot, somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle. Absorb the ethical poem and take some time to understand the meaning of ull entity.

Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion,

But an escape from emotion;

it is not the expression of personality,

but an escape from personality.

But, of course, only those who have personality,

and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things.

-T. S. Eliot


Hey, do you ever sit silent there and dazzling what to write?

Picking up one poetry, reading thoroughly different excerpts from classic poets can blossom ideas that never knew existed. Reading and writing poetry makes us creative-thinker and develop new ideas, but can also dramatically change the way we perceived old ones. It is a nice way to process experiences, visual descriptions, and outsourcing emotions.


Biblio Therapy is a creative arts therapy using the written word to understand, and then communicate feelings and thoughts. Poetry is typically short but largely based on emotional attachments. Dealing alone with depression and anxiety are among the top two mental illnesses being treated with Bibliotherapy, and through poetry, So one should start to understand the hindrances and blocks being formed around their mind. Expressing how one feels is difficult. Kavishala proves that poetry is one of the best outlets to heal broken souls and hearts.


One of the hardships of the current age is the ability to understand our goals. Miscommunication and misunderstandings lead to deep frustration. Reading and writing poetry actually provides resilence people the improved ability to understand and think out the right decisions in life. From a writer’s perspective, you have to be able to convey the true nature and real aspect of your writing purpose to an unknown reader. Feel out and pen down your experiences into a string of words. For an expert reader of poetry, it gives you the patience to look into someone else’s mind and cultivate empathy for Literature.

Dear Readers,

Ever felt out of place or neglected any time? Have you ever wondered why you are thinking or feeling weird a certain way? Ever been frustrated because your friends or partners couldn’t understand you? And relationships are getting meshed.

We have found that the best way to grasp internal turmoil is to express your feelings through poetry. It stimulates the world down around you. It streamlines your thoughts to soothing the anxiety out of your body with the lyrical style. Basically, it puts a spotlight on what the issues might be and forces you to logically and methodically answer to them. Poetry can give you insights into yourself that you never knew existed but always wanted to understand. There is no big sadness than not knowing one’s self-worth, but there is no greater power than a complete understanding of one’s identity. Poetry is the power to achieve everything working against odds in your life :)

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