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Salute To The Indian Soldiers:2016 Indian Line of Control strike!

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs September 29, 2021
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You have never lived until you have almost died,

and for those who choose to fight,

Life has a special flavor,

the protected will never know

—Capt R Subramanium, Kirti Chakra

On the 29th of Sept. 2016, our country had said that it conducted surgical strikes against militant launch pads across the LoC in Pakistani-administered Kashmir, and inflicted "significant casualties". 

Indian had media conveying the casualty figures variously from 35 to 70.

Howsoever, Pakistan rejected India's claim and instead claimed that Indian troops did not cross the Line of Control and had only skirmished with Pakistani troops at the border, resulting in the deaths of two Pakistani soldiers and nine wounded.

Pakistani sources claimed that around 8 Indian soldiers were killed in the exchange, and one was captured.

Later on, it was confirmed that one of its soldiers was in Pakistani custody but denied that it was linked to the incident or that any of its soldiers had been killed.

Earlier that month, 4 militants had attacked the Indian army at URI on the 18th of Sept. in Jammu and Kashmir has killed 19 soldiers in a row. India's announcement of the claimed raid on this day of 29th Sept. marking the first time that the govt. had publicly acknowledged its forces crossing the LoC, amidst skepticism and disputing accounts howsoever.


Salute To The Indian Soldiers

For us, they are on the border,

Who can't break the order?

Who are always ready to sacrifice,

They are as hard as Himalayan ice.

Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Because of them, we are alive,

And, we are secure in the Indian hive.

Who always look for command,

Who has only one brand?

Salute to the Indian soldiers!

They fight in Battle without any fear,

There is no security for the future year.

Who doesn't know the difference between day and night,

Who always ready to fight.

Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Who celebrate their festivals with bullets and guns,

We play Holi with colors;

But they play with rifles and guns.

They know only one color which is 'Blood Red'.

Salute to the Indian soldiers!

We complain about hot and cold days,

While they stay in harsh Siachen every day.

They are never sure of their own life,

They don't know will they ever meet his daughter, son, and wife.

Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Their village's routes are best friends of their wife.

Why do Politicians play with their life?

And, why payment of their life is done by some amount of money,

Is that all our duty towards our great Indian Army?

Again and again, salute to the Indian soldiers!

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