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Books that will help you overcome Depression, and Build a Joyful, Fulfilling Life !

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs October 14, 2021
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“Let your story go.

Allow yourself to be present with who you are right now.”

– Russ Kyle

Kavishala presents our readers with a tremendous source of solace as we have navigated the turmoils of life. Also, the books that relate to the present world and the current society contain characters with whom we can relate and provide a way to transcribe the messiness in our minds.

However, at some point of time in our life, we realize that mental illness can sometimes make it too much challenging to find the concentration required to read. Great books are a gateway, to teach us new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. They wonderfully help us remember that we're not alone, and others have gone through similar struggles and survived.

Here is a list of books that would definitely excite your to read twice-

1. A Beautiful Mind By Sylvia Nasar  

This is a powerful story of a mathematical genius whose brilliant career was cut short by schizophrenia and after living with intense delusions for the better part of 30 years, was honored with a Nobel Prize.

Later on, it was also adapted as a film starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly that won multiple awards.

2. Back, After the Break By Osher Günsberg 

Author Osher's passion for mental health is undeniable, and in this incredibly raw and candid memoir, he had revealed the extents of his struggle with mental health throughout his radio and television career.

Ultimately he has experienced anxiety, depression, and psychosis, as well as substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder to engage the readers. He has vibrantly found many ways to manage his condition and live a well-connected life with real-world objects.

3. Everything Here Is Beautiful By Mira T. Lee

In this book, a sister starts listening to the voices while the other struggles with finding a way to support and protect her in this novel about how mental illness impacts the lives of friends, family members, and carers of the person with the diagnosis.

The theme remained scholastic and including honest, realistic, heartfelt, and compelling, it explores the bonds of love and the often devastating effects of mental disorders.

4. Imagine Me Gone By Adam Haslett

This is Adam Haslett's 2nd novel that explores the idea that a child with a depressed parent may be genetically predisposed to depression, as well as what it's like to battle this 'beast' from childhood. 

He wrote dark and persuasive humor and a lot of heartfelt emotional verses. Ultimately, this book examines the very precariousness of existence: 'how narrowly we all avoid having never been.'

5. All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven  

It's widely written for young adults who are ideal for anyone who struggles to understand that even with a wealth of love for someone, it isn't always possible to save them. Although All The Bright Places touches on the important treasures every moment with a loved one. 

It's infused with hope and the writing style is pretty beautiful.

“Emotional pain is not something that should be hidden away and never spoken about.

There is truth in your pain, there is growth in your pain,

but only if it’s first brought out into the open.”

— Steven Aitchison

6. This Too Shall Pass

The Psychotherapist Julia Samuel uses strings of conversations with patients to showcase how individuals adapt differently in the face of hardship.

Ruthlessly backed by academic, medical research, her analysis of the stories, yet the prioritization of positive mental health should remain the same. 

The readers would be experiencing depression first-hand after overworking herself as the head of a demanding public relations company, Williams however knows what it takes to finally come to terms with inner sorrow.

7. The Time Machine By HG Wells 

Unlike other time-traveling characters of late 19th-century literature, this time a heavy drill could be experienced likewise Author’s hero isn’t a passive agent: he has a device with which he aims himself at the moment, past or future, of his choices. HG Wells was steeped in the latest scientific literature on memory, consciousness, visual perception, suggestion, and illusion, current notions of time perception. When the moment arrives to send a model of the time machine on its maiden voyage because it’s the psychologist who flicks the switch.

8. Your Brain Is a Time Machine by Dean Buonomano 

Another wonderful creation and exotic spice of Buonomano, a neuroscientist at the University of California Los Angeles, who is also one of the leading scientists trying to understand how the brain tells and memorizes.

The reader is on a tour of the latest research, from the workings of our neurons to the notion of “mental time travel” how we project ourselves into the past and future.

Why does the time seem to run always? Do we have one clock in us or many embedded? It’s a fun and fascinating exploration for our readers and very accessible too :)

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