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In Conversation with Young Poet Subrat Saurabh

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs June 16, 2020
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1. Tell us all about your childhood and where you grew up. How was life different, then? What were your hobbies, early influences, mentors?

[Subrat] I was born in a small town "Muzaffarpur" of Bihar. I studied and grow up in Muzaffarpur and Ranchi. I have studied Engineering and working as a Senior Consultant in a reputed software firm in Bangalore. Writing is always a hobby for me since my school days. i love to contribute for my school and college magazines. I am always influenced by Gulzar Sahab poems. 

2. You suited up as a Poet, Writer rather early, with your poetry and writing. What inspired you to take this up? And what was your aim?

[Subrat] My family and close friends have encouraged me to convert my collection of poetries in a book. I am a keen observer of different moods of people around me and get inspired to pen them down. My main aim is to reach a large section of youths who are staying away from family for study or job.

3. What impact has your poetry had on the community?

[Subrat] My poetry is not on a social issues but off course it try to connect those who are staying away from home and parents. it can be a great companion to them.

4. When and why did you pick up the quill? How much time did you devote to it, and did you keep your job alongside? How did you juggle both?

[Subrat] I believe in work life balance. yes, i am working as a Senior Consultant in a reputed software firm in Bangalore.I prefer to write in night or i would say that i love to write in night with peace. 

5. Who is Your favorite Poet/ inspiration and why?

[Subrat] Gulzar Sahab. I feel connected with his words and they way he elaborate the situation is a poetry is incredible

6. Mention the success you have experienced.

[Subrat] I am overwhelmed with a kind of success which i have received which i have definately not predicted at the time of publication. My book went into two world book fair, it was trending on Publisher Website at no. 1 for many weeks, it was in top 100 best seller in Poetry at Amazon, I got a chance to meet Mr Amitabh Bachchan at his residence, Meeting with Mr Piyush Mishra. Mr, Zeeshan Ayyub, Mr Rahul Mahajan etc. It was an honour to get personal invitation at a set of TV Shows "Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai" and many more.

7. Do you have any particular audience in mind when you write, an ideal reader?

[Subrat] No, I prefer to write what i feel or what i want to convey to my readers. Off course, later i analyze the target audience.

8. What are the greatest lessons you have learned from your journey? Expecting HATKE answers from you, with crazy anecdotes! :)

[Subrat] Never give up, Keep trying, Do something with minimum expectation and have faith. these lines of mine keep me motivated.

"Chalo Jeet ja Daav Khelte hai, Haari Hui baazi ek baar fir khelte hai

Ummeedon kaa daaman to kai baar chhora humne, chalo ek baar taqdeer se khelte hai"

9: What are your future plans?

[Subrat] I am planning to come up with an English Romantic Novel.

10: Your message for fellow Poets.

[Subrat] I would suggest them to read a lot before they write and don’t be in a rush to get it publish. Keep Writing, Keep Reading. Try to read as much as your write.

11: Anything you want to share about Kavishala.

[Subrat] Thanks to Kavishala for giving me an opportunity for this interview and an invitation for Lucknow Literature festival 2017. Special thanks to Ankur. Kavishala gave me an opportunity to meet and interact new talents and readers in Lucknow fest. It was a great experience.  

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