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Hindi : A Boon for Strategic and like-minded people!

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs September 10, 2021
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“Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory.

If you're imprisoned by the enemy, don't we consider it our duty to escape?

If we value the freedom of mind and soul,

if we're partisans of liberty, then it's our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!”

What do you say, whether Hindi is losing popularity in today's world?

Why Hindi is, losing stature in this Millennial generation, on the other hand, should guardians be blamed too?

Hindi is not just our mother tongue but the most generic way that connects Indians and currently facing too much a toll.

In this era of tremendous Globalization, a lot of opportunities in English are emerging and considered as the magnificent language to be spoken of the century.+

With around half a billion native speakers, Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Even though in the metros children are not familiar with their native language and it is quite common in North India, a large section of the population can speak it well but find it difficult to write in it. This proves to be in the true sense when we observe today's children could fluently speak in Hindi with their friends and at home but when they are asked to write in the language, it becomes surprisingly hard to pen down words and expressions in Hindi. We are losing our culture and ethical duties somehow in earning more money and fame which is a pain area for parents also. These days students find challenging to learn this language and parents have to search for Hindi tutors.

Why are English-speakers and Hindi-speakers distinguished on the basis of their status?

People are misjudged for speaking Hindi, in fact, such masses are looked down upon owing to a rather unpopular opinion that it signifies a sense of backwardness while English gives a sense of superiority and high-class. But that shouldn’t stop us from learning a language that has historical and cultural roots in our country and helps us connect with most of them.

The following are a few amendments that make children encourage reading Hindi –

The script should be different from most Western languages:

Illustrations and anecdotes should be taught to beginners who want to learn Hindi.As, the Hindi script appears similar to the Arabic style of writing and is often considered difficult because the characters are quite unique, and kids require some time and practice to master their strokes and lines, unlike the English alphabet.

Hindi Grammar should be taught interestingly connecting with real-life examples and expressions:

School kids complain about facing difficulty in learning Hindi grammar as it is confusing for them because they are learning English also. In English, they learn the format SVO (Subject+Verb+Object) while in Hindi it is SOV (Subject+Object+Verb) and the gender usage in Hindi requires extra efforts as well. Thus, eradicating one of the biggest reasons that push parents who forgot Hindi grammar and are not capable of teaching kids should be provided few lectures to mentor their kids from the Hindi Organization. This would eventually lead kids to become more and more comfortable with Hindi from a very early age itself.

Encourage Reading Hindi Newspapers, Articles, and Podcast:

Reading and listening is another boom to learn something way faster than just practicing substantially. Survey says in a typical Urban India, from newspaper to magazines, hoardings on roads, signage on top of shops – everything is in English. Kids are not at all exposed to Hindi at all in their day-to-day life.

Let's read an Anecdote :

An 8th std student Pratik said, "Mom Hindi is not “cool” anymore, as far as the younger generation is concerned, Hinglish is considered a more viable option. From WhatsApp chatting to youtube shorts everything is vast and expandable to high limits. Who cares reading Hindi, it not even worths in this business-oriented World".

Mother replied him saying, "My child you were born in a village, and then your father migrated to Mumbai, because of his official schedule we never went back to our Native place as I am also a working woman now. But, let me tell you some Reasons why English alone cannot constitute solutions to build your personality because our roots lie within our religion -

  1. Multilingual children are confused with gender usage/shayaris/shloks that are a part of Literature or other conflicting grammar concepts if they don’t use the Hindi language on a regular basis.
  2. Even though our holy book Gita is translated into English but the shlokas are written in Sanskrit which only by reading provides you inner peace. Top Hindi writers and their conversations including comics have been bestsellers of all times that you may also read and reveal the secrets of this language origin and history which is absolutely one thing you must explore in life to know the life cycle that's mentioned in grants and statues of Hindi Literature."

Meanwhile, Pratik was spellbound as he never looked out the amazing world of Literature and history. He was juggling with computers and robots breaking and repairing their the whole day.Listening to his Mom he decided to read Hindi everyday.

Thus, with around half a billion native speakers, Hindi is one of the biggest widely spoken languages in the world. And we are going to increase this number every day.

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