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Chand Bardai:An Indian Poet who made miracles in Literature!

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs October 1, 2021
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An Indian poet Chand Bardai composed Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem in Brajbhasa about the life of the Chahamana king Prithviraj Chauhan. The poem presents him as a court poet of Prithviraj.

After Prithviraj was defeated at the Second Battle of Tarain and taken to Ghazna by Muhammad of Ghor, Chand Bardai traveled to Ghazna and helped Prithviraj kill Muhammad.

As a Writer

Everything a writer says,

takes deep thought and is very careful when it comes to words,

each word is special because the writer picks it.

Fall in love with a writer and the writer will show you who you are,

even things you don't know about yourself.

The writer will paint a canvas with words

and will paint a picture of your face on a mountain

with the sunset all around it

the sky your favorite colors

mixed with the soft yellow of the sun,

that makes your face feel so warm,

you never want to go home.

A writer will make you cry,

for reasons you won't comprehend.

A writer will cheer you up,

it only takes a sentence to make you smile.

And when a writer finally breaks your heart,

you'd wish that he would stay for a while.

You would grab the pieces and say, "Please fix this."

When the writer tells you "I'm sorry I can't.."

You will feel as if you've lost the person that gave your life meaning,

you will feel like you weren't good enough for the one perfect person.

The writer as an artist,

as well as an actor.

The writer is a killer,

and a writer's soul is black,

with poison running through the veins.

It'll make you hate,

It'll make you love,

It will drive you insane.

It will make you realize you have lost what makes you calm.

As a writer you'll find yourself speaking words that don't make sense,

one day you'll realize those words are what is on your mind,

once you understand them you'll know yourself better than anyone else,

you'll enter a world that's separated from reality

and your thoughts will become true to you,

the same as a person with schizophrenia

you'll suffer the way a person does when wanting to commit suicide,

and you'll laugh the way a clown laughs even when the jokes

are no longer funny.

Until then you will understand the complications

of falling in love,

you'll question if there is even love to begin with.

You'll find that there is,

and when your mom & dad told you,

that your husband would treat you like a Queen,

and you will have a castle it's true.

And at that time you'll realize that your parents are poets,

which is why you will forever fall in love with their words.

There are many versions of Raso but scholars claim that a 1400 stanza poem is the real "Prithviraj Raso".

Well, the poem comprises words of 10,000 stanzas. Prithviraj Raso was proved historically unreliable by historians like Georg Buhler, Morrison, GH Ojha, and Munshi Devi Prasad.

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