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APJ Abdul Kalam : A Man beyond Religion !

Kavishala LabsKavishala Labs October 15, 2021
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“Science and religion are not at odds.

Science is simply too young to understand.”

― Dan Brown, Angels & Demons

The most epic aspect of the life of the President, also known as India’s Missile Man APJ Abdul Kala is broadly known for his religious beliefs. Probably because in public perception a scientist is a rational and open-minded person and probably he is not even religious; some think of them as atheists or unrighteous.

One of his inspiring incidents of Life :

It so happened to be the first fast of Ramazan and he was fasting. He didn't even touch the glass of water that was placed on the table in front of him as he was fasting during the holy month.

Kalam Ji also used to host Iftar at Rashtrapati Bhavan and pay for it with his money.

Being generously serious about developing an indigenous missile as he was about Islam and Hadith.

APJ Abdul Kalam has co-authored an impactful book with Arun Tiwari on the life of Narayanswarupdas Swamy- whose disciples have made Akshardham chain of temples in India – Transcendence.

In this particular book, he has mentioned many verses of the Quran to further his argument about Islam and briefly explained other religions too.

SM Khan had served as an Information officer in Rashtrapati Bhawan during Kalam’s tenure, in his book The People's President which was published through many pictures reflecting APJ Abdul Kalam’s visit to mosques for Friday prayers. The most striking and heart-touching picture of him was coming to Delhi's Fatehpuri Masjid for Friday prayers. 

The new spirituality will also base itself on a third very large spiritual understanding, which is that lif

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