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World Mental Health Day : Celebrating Mental Awareness

Kavishala DailyKavishala Daily October 10, 2021
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“You don’t have to control your thoughts.

 You just have to stop letting them control you.”

— Dan Millman

Today on 10th October, in account of world mental health day we want to present our thoughts about mental health in front of anyone it may concern :-

So much involved our brain is in it’s day to day life, that we often miss to feel an extraordinary achievement called “Mental Wellness”. Our minds when in a healthy state, performs tasks in the background which supports our moods clarity and purpose. To appreciate what mental health might be and therefore what it’s opposite involves, we should consider:-

First of all, a healthy mind is an editing mind and manages to save us from thousands of horrifying negative thoughts some ideas and sensations creates in our mind which an unhealthy mind actively entertains. This means being harsh on ourselves and not giving constructive criticism, which indeed will depict us as a disgraceful person in our eyes. But these harshness till now hasn’t shown any useful purpose.

When we are interviewing for a new job, a healthy mind doesn’t force us to listen to our conscious that tells us that we don’t deserve it. However, it allows us to talk our mind and kill all the comparisons we made of ourselves. It won’t make us feel sad about the accomplishments of others to throw us off the grid and reduce our self esteem to a state of bitter feelings about ourselves. It doesn’t torture us by continually comparing our conditions to that of the people who have all the privilege growing up and have different paths through their life. A fine mind recognises the cruelty of constantly finding fault with its own nature. Besides that, it keeps an equal check on the tap of fear which we always open unnecessarily. Whatever happens in our lives we could still make something good out of it. Turning a liability into our asset. A fruitful mind knows the difference between the occurrence of an event and what is more likely to happen, which will make sure we live in peace regardless of the fact that there are innumerable possibilities our fate could take us to.

A healthy mind avoids devastating imaginations:-

It knows the difference between reality and the dreams. It can decide when and where we have to believe in reality and where to consider our dreams. Not al thoughts belong at all moments. Eccentric thoughts about jumping on a train track or harming oneself can remain just sudden flashes but not fixed repetitive dreams. A healthy mind is a master in omitting such wild thoughts. It can shut down in unnecessary thinking. It can be present and engage with what and who is immediately around. Not everything it could feel has to be felt at every moment. It can be a good listener too. A healthy mind combines an appropriate suspicion of certain types of people with humanity. It can take an intelligent risk with a stranger, also it knows how to hope and keep going by taking few reasons into account. It remembers to appreciate our lives. We should acknowledge the extent to which mental illness is ultimately common and unshamefull. True mental health involves a frank acceptance of how much I’ll they will have to be in even the most meaningful life. And we should no more seek for help.

“Take your time healing, as long as you want.

Nobody else knows what you’ve been through.

How could they know how long it will take to heal you?”

— Abertoli

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