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Digital Society Day : The Revolution in the eyes of Future !

Kavishala DailyKavishala Daily October 17, 2021
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The digital revolution is far more significant

than the invention of writing or even of printing.

- Douglas Engelbart

This day holds a significant event in the Digital Society of India since it is celebrated on 17th of oct, 2000, according to the Information Technology Act 2000. However, this notification gave for the first time in the country, legal recognition for electronic documents. It also provided a legally recognized method of authentication of electronic documents by means of digital signatures. Additionally, Information Technology Act 2000 had many a times recognized Cyber Crimes and prescribed a fast-track grievance redressal mechanism for Cyber Crimes.

These provisions were critical for the development of digital society since it enabled digital contracts to be formed in support of e-commerce and e-governance. It is therefore appropriate that the day be remembered as an important event in the e-history of India.

Also October 17 is recognized as a Red letter day in the Indian history as it represents the day Digital Society in India. On this particular day when the much awaited Information Technology Act 2000 was sanctioned on the legal recognition for “Electronic Documents” as it was notified and India was one of the very first few countries in the world to enact a law of such nature in response to the call of the UNO through the circulation of UNCITRAL Model Law to all its members.

ITA-2000 had also addressed the needs of the Information Asset owners in India for a legal blanket of protection for the Information Assets through an effective deterrence mechanism against Cyber Crimes along with a quick grievance redressal system.

However, all this has created a primary foundation for the growth of Digital Society in India.


-By Bansi Adroja

I am fading from real life

turning into notifications

an unread inbox

of messages with emojis

instead of emotion

stuck behind blue light

just a digital version

of hope and hurt

To celebrate this day more comprehensively this year and to undertake programs that contribute towards the furtherance of the objectives for which the law was enacted, Cyber Law College has undertaken several activities under the banner of “Digital Society Foundation”, a Charitable Trust formed for the purpose of working for the welfare of the Digital Society. 

As the first step in this direction, the Digital Society Foundation has planned much to organize commemoration of “Digital Society Day” through activity in Bangalore on 17th of Oct, 2006. This will be adopted as an annual event to be conducted every year. 

Digital Dead

-By Dereaux

Sometimes, I see them walking

here in the square,

chained to their digital world

scared to be in real life I guess.

Or they just don't care

Years ago, it was different,

a ball rolled here every day.

There was that rotten boy

who always won my marbles,

times just rolled away

But at least I had

something precious to lose

and did not sit all-day

staring at a small screen.

We also had less to choose.

Yes, this square used to be fun

liveliness, cohesion and

laughter wide spread.

nowadays it seems more like

an episode of the Walking Dead.

October 17 has also been the Poverty Alleviation Day, and through ICT being the theme of the WSIS, Digital Society Foundation has take the responsibility of undertaking projects that would help Digital Society contribute to the alleviation of poverty in the rural India as well.

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