The Idle mind is The   devil’s Workshop..'s image
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The Idle mind is The devil’s Workshop..

I A ShaikhI A Shaikh June 16, 2020
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“The Idle mind is The 

devil’s Workshop...!!!”

In current Situation The

Human Being may either 

Forcefully but slowly leads

Him/Herself to Depression 

Or may think negative 

without any activities.

Henceforth, the Best way

To overcome from such a

Tremendous & terrific 

position is to find the way 

Which gives us innermost 

Satisfaction & Some Activity


It’s time to recognise 


Y v came here..??

Or y almighty send us..??

D best way is d meditation 

Find some spiritual clips 

on u tube n follow it...!!!

D real path to know our souls

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