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He rose up to the throne wearing the stately attire;

His courtiers abreast of him, fueling him proudly – a blazing fire.

Ablaze, he proclaimed his laws, unquestionable; unfurled his supremacy

The aura he created sang the anthem of pride and arrogance, the diplomacy.


Afar his kingdom, someone lived in a humble cottage;

With his kins and kiths, wearing a vintage country joy, his privilege.

He celebrated in their harvest, he mourned in their fall.

He gifted his people treasure of love, in his humble cottage – a rare stall.


Once the stately attire encountered the humble cottage;

Weirdly stared at the humble cottage and his glittering  kins and kiths

And the magical world of the humble cottage, hauling no trace of savage,

No gradation, no discrimination, but a tranquil breath to uncage the savage.

The stately attire roared beastly;

The humble cottage stayed priestly.

The stately attire stands for pride

The humble cottage stands for humility

Hirendra Kumar Meher


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