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How can I recognize a man?

Man rises to be mysterious like the moon,

The moon shines bright; always a part of it is out of sight,

He’s so engrossed in this world of deception, how to tune?


When I shine with the jingling of coins,

I get men like birds flocking together;

Gather around and bound down to feel the music;

As soon as its aura diminishes, their wings flutter.


I love them; I’m one among them,

They are my race; I try to preserve its face,

My words, my emotions, my verses try to restore its values,

In this process, terribly often I’m prized with disgrace.


Despite all the bruises and wounds,

I always stand by them, hand in hand;

In their odds, with folding hands I pray to Lord God;

Strive for them incessantly so that they can thrive in the end.



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