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I think, I can't.

So, today I want to rant.

Life is going all just so unbalanced,

Managing all those mental, physical and emotional variation,

In all this, I can't flow with the direction of motion.

The success rate is retarded,

And no net progress is conserved,

All the confidence and self-esteem is reversed.

Us and our results are like the Indian and Pacific Ocean mergence,

For the sake of competition, pupil are losing their orignal essence.

Here less the product is and are lots of reactants.

There's nothing as it was long time back,

The motivational spark is what we lack.

Our situation is like a lost peninsular body,

All surrounded by confusion,

Leading to young souls drowning in depression.

All we need is piece of appreciation.

You may think I'm exaggerating,

But that's how it felt.

Dunno why and how the cold stoned hearts didn't melt.

The souls are shattered and,

Our ears are craved to hear :- You can do it.

But all we got to listen were the words

"You are losing your shine and becoming so dull"

Are you sure that's it!!?

I'm sorry but I think, I can't.

~ Harshita Keerti

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