Ode To Man
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Meri lekhni, meri Kavita
Ode To Man

Oh! man!
 Departing to unknown domain.
Whence have ye come from?
Whither thou move to?

Replied the man,
Travelling to an unknown refrain myself to unfurled the curtain.

Curtain that conceal attributes of person,
That bounds him to reach the destination.

convinced with the thought,
 No other question was brought.

Thus asked the man of solemn feature,
what type of thou art a creature?

Eventually ,I replied with a smile, bearing a lot of happiness with fragile.

That was profound, knowing nothing as bound.

Nothing in the world ,is without aim,
 That every being has to claim.

The creator ,
the maker, the preserver of all the beings has assigned a new job ,
to serve all and every mob.

Hari Shankar Singh Saransh

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