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Some roses just dried up in your wait,
The sunrises asked your address 
And asked for your voice, sunset

How should I assert that the star has vanished,
After which my 'love' got banished....

You don't know that how much drenched
Is my pillow,
I have yet preserved your letters,
Though the pages turned yellow !

You were my first love,
I wanted to make you my wife,
But after you have whisked so,
Your hurting memories are my life !

Your white kurta which resembled the moon,
Your golden face, which embarrassed the overhead noon,

Touch of your soft fingers,
Yet lingers,
My shoulders miss their holding of your,
My eyes search the smile which was every melancholy's cure

Your eyes, the first flickering contact of them to mine,
Made me taste the mad love's wine,

The elusive evenings when,
The sky was to be ascended by moon,
And you importuned to get back soon,

I used to block your lips withal holding your waist,
This is when I got to know, how does the love taste !

You used to blush pink,
With the eyes down,
You turned 'love' into an adjective for me 
From a mere noun,

But would the evenings get back with my incessant wail,
Would the Ganges of love again prevail ?
Would again the moon be jealous to see my fingers on your hands ?
Would we again saunter on dewdrops drenched lands ?

A time, I used to search you for all my cures,
My eyes met many but only got lost in yours...

Would you not miss me giving you flowers ?
Neither the laughter towers ?
Neither the metaphors I wrote in the drugs of your beauty,
Neither the talks which used to go on about us in the city ?

Why did you made the advent,
Which made me mad,
And now why are you leaving,
Making my heart and soul sad ? 

When I was bereft of any taste,
You made my heart fragranced,
You holded my hand, when I was depressed and tensed !

You came like a blossoming flower and,
Left like a thunderstorm departed,
I am loving you for an era, but,
Could never know that,
You are that much stone hearted !!!!

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