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Dedicated to all wives in India


Wife (Who I feel enigma?)

You came into my life at prime age

And found company in a new stage

You left your parents' home

And lived here without a gloom.

No match to the pain and burden

While bringing up our children

You bore the brunt I must say

No wonder 'Ma' shows the way.

Household chores, cooking or even a job

You are always busy without a stop

Though I went to office to earn

I couldn't get as much as you won.

Even now our children adore you

For the love and affection in view

Not that I don't love them

It is truly real all the same.

Most may make fun of wife

Marriage, they say, is a strife

It's a joke to say wife is at home

Of course it's just a part of big tome.

We all are eager to see you cook

I enjoy your food without any look

May God grant you good health

For that is, at this age, our wealth.

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