Two extraordinary ladies's image
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My aunt Jayamani was a lady

As unforgettable and exceptional as a baby

She was my father's little sister

Diminutive and twenty years younger.

Many thought she was my father's daughter

But she was more than that as ever

She had curly hair and a cute face

And a smile that would enthral all days.

She would convert every incident

Into anecdotes that had no precedent

She would get into conversation with anyone

Be it a milkman, maid, vendor or someone.

When she spent her days in Manchester

She would sit cross legged on floor and surprise her doctor

She was more patient than her husband

She cared for his mother in her own hand.

One day she went to her neighbour's shed

She had left her baby sleeping on bed

When she came back after hours

The baby was up and in tears.

Very sad God didn't grant her good health

She suffered but left great memories after death

She died the same day my father died

Both are in heaven undisturbed.


My aunt Marukatham was a lady par excellence

Full of energy, enthusiasm and exuberance

She changed her name to Nalini

When she went to work with Rashmi.

She was very disorganised in her life

But she was never anxious as a mother or wife

She took care of her husband and children

With all the troubles one could discern.

She had not graduated earlier

That did not deter her in doing it later

It is another matter she studied really

passed A first and then M and got MA finally.

She would always tell us 'Be happy in life'

She concealed her own problems without a strife

She was ever ready to help anytime anyone

Even if she had left her jobs undone.

One would be aghast looking at her activities

For we would always be filled with terror and anxieties

She spoke in such good English language

Wonder how she picked it up in that stage.

She would not find car keys before leaving

check if there was enough fuel for reaching

She hardly worried about these trivialities

She said she would face them if they appeared in lives.

was obese and diabetic for long

That didn't deter her from eating sweets all along

She showed a happy face for all to see

And left a mark in our baskets for free.

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