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They say corona cases are less;

Now we need not be under stress.


We continue to work from home;

And meetings we do on zoom.


Son is also busy on laptop;

Learning lessons without a stop.


On weekends we go to mall;

Not to miss shopping and cinema hall.


We do enjoy ordering food;

We find them as good.


Life has moved on;

With some restrictions gone.


Right time to switch jobs;

No matter where office goes.


At home we stay and work;

Responsibilities we don’t shirk.


How long this lasts we don’t know;

Reap we will as we sow.


Time may come back to normalcy;

That we are yet to see.


But in future we must be cautious;

Lest we again become anxious.


Pledge we will to take care;

For the sake of our children we rear.


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